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5 Tips to introduce the referral process to your clients

Friday, February 25, 2022 12:43 PM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

Here are some general rules around building a referral process to keep in mind.

  • 1)     Let it be known.
  • Referrals can be an extremely effective way to grow a business, but clients need be informed that it is something your firm desires. Throughout your interaction with your client, make them aware that your firm builds there business through referral and word-of-mouth, it will give them a way to thank you.
  • 2)     Add Value.
  • Customers will want to refer you if you’ve delighted them. Go above and beyond with your customers to reap the referral rewards. If they have a pleasant experience they will want others to experience the same.
  • 3)     When to Ask. (The Law of Reciprocity).
  • Customers want to exchange with you something of value after you perform a service. If you perform the bare minimum, the payment will suffice there urge to reciprocate. However, if you go above and beyond, a customer will feel the need to do the same, and referrals are a perfect way to show that. The best time to ask for a referral is when they express gratitude for the extra service they received.
  • 4)     Make it easy for them.
  • A lot of times referrals are not made because of the complexity of getting the referral in touch with you. Make it easy; offer various methods to make the connection happen: email, text or phone call and the best times to do so. Let them know they can also send you the referrals information and you will make the contact.
  • 5)     Make it a comfortable transition.
  • Explain to your client how welcoming you will be to their referrals and the special treatment they will receive because they were sent by them. Tell them what their clients can expect when they call and say they were referred, or how you will go about contacting there referrals. If you make your client look good, they will want to send you more referrals.

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