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Listen to the "NEWS" with Intent

Monday, January 31, 2022 10:26 AM | Dennis Gonzalez (Administrator)

Everybody watches the news, reads a newspaper or googles what’s going on to gain insight into local and world event. Begin to look at “the News” differently by looking for opportunities for referrals. Every part of “the News” presents problems or significant issues of one kind or another. Train yourself to see problems and opportunities where an ordinary person wouldn’t.

The News is filled with opportunities for you to act as a “go-to person” for the people in your network.

With the right mindset, a news article can turn into information or a resource that could be beneficial to you or someone in your network.  

We understand that a lead is different than a referral but if you change your mindset and become the go-to person for these issues, you can help your network turn leads into referrals.

Questions to ask yourself when listening to “the News”

1.) What are people saying?

2.) What are the problems or changes happening in the environment you are reading about?

3.) What is happening that could have an impact to you or one of your network partners?

4.) Who is in need of services because of this information?

5.) Where are the networking opportunities?

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