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Membership Fees & Application:

TBP is a membership organization; as such there are certain fees which are then used to benefit the growth and support of the Membership, (see Member Benefits below).  There is an initial Registration fee of $195, or convenient 4-autopay option,  Registration is “Lifetime” as long as one maintains continuous TBP Membership and the same profession in the same chapter; this is not an annual fee. Members are also assessed Membership Dues of $150 on an annual basis payable with annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly autopay options.

Thank You for Your Interest In Trusted Business Partners. We look forward to having you as a Member, the link to a secure online Membership Application is in the box below. Your Application will be shared with your proposed Chapter’s Leadership Team; continue to attend Meetings and you will be advised of your acceptance within 1-2 weeks. Please fill in all fields on each page, and note on the Payment Authorization page to check 1 of 2 options for TBP Registration, and 1 of 5 options for TBP Member Dues. For Online Applications: Choose the option to submit, download/fax-submit, or sign/print/save to complete later. For Paper Applications: Choose to submit in person at your selected Chapter or email to [email protected] Thank You in advance for submitting your Application!


New TBP Contest Gives Travel Awards to New Members & Their Sponsors

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TBP Membership Application Request

If you would like an application to join TBP, please submit the following info and we will respond within 24 hours.

TBP Member Benefits

The following Add Value to Your TBP Membership:

  • Member Business Contact Information on Chapter Listing Webpage, including:
    • Member Social Media links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google
  • Member Biography, Logo, Headshot as Own Webpage
  • Access to Local Chamber of Commerce Events & Representation as TBP Member
  • TBP Mentorship Program
  • Access to TBP Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google
  • TBP Corporate and Chapter Events, Projects, and Social Gatherings
  • TBP ByLaws and Member Guide
  • Access to Monthly TBP Board of Directors Meetings
  • Access to TBP and Community Event Calendars
  • Participation in TBP Contests
  • TBP Networking Cruises
  • Annual TBP Installation Dinner
  • New member open house meeting for prospective members
  • Fund raisers
  • TBP Feeding the Homeless Event
  • TBP Golf and Bowling networking events
  • TBP Poolside BBQ events & Cocktail Parties
  • TBP Holiday & Super Bowl parties
  • Speed networking events
  • Group networking at Chamber events
  • TBP Leadership, Business and Ethics Training
  • Trade Show Booth Participation & Public Speaking Opportunities

TBP Member Code of Ethics

These are important ethics guidelines that the Trusted Business Partners believe in.  We believe all men and women are to be treated equal and we do not discriminate against anyone.  We believe in being the best networking group.  Upon acceptance to Trusted Business Partners, I agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics during my participation as a partner of this group.

  • I promise to show up to every meeting in a positive and supportive attitude
  • I promise to provide a high level of service to all Qualified Introductions passed to me
  • I promise never to lie, manipulate, deceive or scam another member
  • I promise to respond as quickly as possible to Qualified Introductions given to me
  • I promise to build trust and display goodwill among my fellow partners and the Introductions I am given
  • I promise to live up to the ethical standards of my profession and my fellow partner’s profession
  • I promise that I will do the best of my ability to provide good quality Qualified Introductions
  • I promise as a partner that I will address the leadership committee if I feel there is any problem between myself or any partner in the group
  • I promise that I will not join another networking group that only has one profession per group while I am a partner of Trusted Business Partners

TBP Membership Guidelines

  • One protected and primary profession or specialty per member
  • Membership registration fee and monthly dues must be kept current
  • Attendance is mandatory. Please have a substitute for your absence.  4 absences per quarter will result in termination from the group
  • There is no leave of absence except medical leaves upon approval from the Leadership Team
  • Members are highly encouraged to bring visitors and Introductions to the meeting
  • Members who wish to change their designated profession or specialty classification must submit a new application to the membership committee for review
  • Applicants must receive a vote of approval from the Membership Committee to become an official member
  • An individual member should not be a member of any other networking group that allows only one person per profession and whose primary purpose is to pass referrals to one another because it substantially reduces their commitment to our group
  • Visitors may attend up to two times before submitting an application for membership
  • The Membership Committee has the final authority to vote new members in as well as any conflict between classification issues
  • A member must serve in leadership roles to become eligible for nomination as chapter president
  • An election will be held during the 4th quarter of each year for all leadership positions for each chapter
  • All leadership team members will hold their position for 1 calendar year; all incumbent leadership team members may volunteer for re-election; there is no term limits for a specific leadership role

TBP Payment Change Authorization Form – for Members Only

Download and Print, then Email to TBP or Submit to Chapter

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