Who and What is Trusted Business Partners?

Business Networking Groups: The Premiere Referral Program for Qualified Business Leads

Trusted Business Partners has created business networking groups consisting of “trusted” business professionals and small business owners whose primary purpose is to exchange qualified business leads in a truly effective referral program.  Trusted Business Partners  allows one business per profession to join its business networking groups. Each business networking group meets through a structured, “up-beat”, professional environment to build a solid relationship within the group and support one another building a business by giving each other qualified business leads and referrals. The goal of  Trusted Business Partners is to build long-lasting relationships within its groups via networking support to build more profitable businesses. By joining a Trusted Business Partners group your business will become part of our trusted networking family. Trusted Business Partners believes in helping each other out and also helping out the communities in which we live. TBP only accepts the highest caliber and most trustworthy business professionals into its business networking groups.

TBP Board Of Directors

Learn About The TBP Board Of Directors

Trusted Business Partners is incorporated in the State of California as TBP Networking, Inc., and is governed by an elected Board of Directors, subject to its ByLaws. The Members of the TBP Board of Directors, also Members of Trusted Business Partners, volunteer their time and efforts on the Board of Directors in order to serve the following objectives, as stated in the TBP ByLaws:

  • To enable policies to support TBP’s Chapters and Membership
  • To build an expanding network of Chartered Chapters
  • To provide education to TBP Members
  • To support the Local Communities of  TBP’s Chapters
Bob Hurst

Bob Hurst


[email protected] Phone: 951-233-0355

Joe Fox

Joe Fox


[email protected] Phone: 951-255-6317
Patricia Arick

Patricia Arick


upyrs[email protected]
Phone: 951-775-0410
Kim Hurst

Kim Hurst


[email protected] Phone: 951-233-0864

TBP Committees

Daryl Merkle

Daryl Merkle

TBP Marshal / Honorary Member

[email protected]
Phone: 760-450-7883

Our Founder & CEO, Bob Hurst, was featured recently on “Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens”,

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