TBP Membership Strategies

Strategies for Increasing & Maintaining TBP Charter Membership, Part 1

 1. Recruitment:

  • Do not underestimate the power of public relations. Whenever possible publicize your charters activities. Positive media coverage builds community support and interest in your charter. Take advantage of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, TBP website, etc.).
  • Always have TBP brochures (with your personal/charter contact information) available when attending public events like chamber mixers, children’s sporting events, trade shows etc. Make sure every member has TBP business cards to pass out to prospective members in the course of doing everyday business activities.
  • Host an invite a friend night function or special invite friend regular meeting. Encourage every member to bring at least one guest to learn more about the benefits of TBP.
  • Encourage you charters membership to invite friends, business associates to outside TBP functions
  • Hold your own mixer or partner with another charter, make boot space available for the members to promote their products and tell prospective how TBP has helped them in growing their business.
  • Challenge your members to meet specific recruitment goals for the year (or a set specified time period). Have a kick off meeting make it fun and turn it into a contest, Keep the momentum going buy have a follow up report during the regular meetings.
  • Encourage membership to invite every qualified person they encounter to consider TBP. Remind your membership periodical that by not inviting someone to TBP they are doing them a disservice.
  • Show TBP Pride ware TBP logo shirts, name badge, pins etc. when participating as a group in community events. (Be sure to have TBP Business cards to hand out).
  • Post your charters meeting times at the establishment where your meeting are held. If possible leave a stack of business cards/brochures.
  • Get with community welcome organizations to include TBP material with their welcome to the community packets. Note real estate agents and movers many time also provide this service.
  • Come up with a “Most Wanted” list of prospective new members actively as a group peruse these individuals/business professionals.
  • An easy and effective way to cold call for prospective new members is to have everyone in the charter pick up 5 to 10 business cards left by business owners/salesmen at local coffee shops, restraints carwashes etc. call them and invite the person to a meeting. Note this is a great way to target a specific profession/business.

It is imperative that you know and understand your competition when recruiting new members.

Point out what makes us different from the competition:

  • Community involvement
  • A dues structure resulting in superior ROI
  • No mandatory weekly referral requirement
  • Ability to attend other charters meeting and events
  • Special events like: (We Have Fun)
    • Parties, BBQ’s
    • Banquets
    • Sporting events
    • Cruises etc.

 NOTE: When pointing out the TBP Advantage Proposition be sure to take the “High Road” never talk in a negative manner of another referral group.  All referral organizations have many positive qualities that we and in many cases emulate those positive aspects.


Strategies for Increasing & Maintaining TBP Charter Membership, Part 2

 2. Retention:

 Key to Retention is the member’s experience, it starts the first time they visit the meeting BEFORE they become a member:

  • Were they made to feel at home?
  • Did they meet everyone?
  • Did they feel wanted, was an application given to them?
  • Were they followed up with a phone call from the charter?
  • Was the meeting Productive and upbeat?

Once a prospect becomes a member it is imperative that they become engage in the Charters culture/activities immediately:

  • Get them to have a one on one with all the members
  • Accompany them on outside functions help them to network
  • Put them into leadership/committee roles in the charter
  • Assign them to be the greeter during meetings so they can get to know everyone
  • Encourage them to bring in new members

Remember the best time to retain a member is BEFORE they show signs of dissatisfaction. If they start missing meetings or are less involved give them a call to find out why. Periodically ask members about the business, family, interest/hobbies etc.

Other ideas to help retention include:

  • Keep meetings FUN and productive
  • Pair new members with long time members they will both benefit
  • Give public praise whenever possible
  • Lessen clicks by changing the seating at meeting
  • Encourage members to attend one another’s functions, parties, activities etc.
  • Have a Charter activity/party
  • Start the one on one process over again (have a contest to make it fun)
  • Challenge the membership to go to outside functions
  • Have a secrete greeter at each meeting
  • Support each other’s business
  • Challenge membership to actively look for referral for one member per week

Be the member you want to have sitting across the table and sitting next to you to be

membership stategies