TBP Leadership Motivation

Based on a “subjective status report” of TBP’s Chapters to TBP President Bob Hurst said let’s hold a meeting and bring all the Leaders together! Meetings need speeches, speeches need content, speeches about Leadership need definition.  Leadership is defined as a person who “guides or directs a group, and has the ability to lead.” There is an activeness in leadership; it is not just showing up for a meeting and doing your part and then just back to the rest of your life or business.  Something we can be proud of in TBP is our development of leaders, even if the person didn’t know he or she had it in him or may not have wanted it.

Like other organizations we come together as a group of people “organized for a particular end in mind.”  We want to help our Member’s businesses grow and we want the TBP organization to grow. As in all organized systems, the thing we need to watch out for in TBP is the natural tendency for “loss of information” in our inter- communications of our leadership and “decline and degeneration” of our stated policies, systems and processes.  There is a physical law known as “entropy” and inevitably occurs in organizations, unless we vigilantly fortify our systems and processes.  We have had many challenges in TBP with communications, participation, realizing the various leadership roles; the result of which at times has been a melt-down in the areas of dues collection, recruiting and retention, attendance, to name a few.

The remedy  is for all of us to become better leaders, more consistent with our leadership roles, aware of our duties beyond the weekly meeting, better communication with our fellow leaders, making sure all tasks get done, stepping in where necessary.

Successful Leaders…

  1. Do what others want
  2. Do what others may feel they are too good for
  3. Do what others find inconvenient
  4. Do whatever it takes for as long as it takes
  5. Are GO-GIVERS
  6. Are influential…giving and caring for others
  7. Are authentic…being a BIGGER version of themselves giving
  8. Are receptive…accept the rewards of success for having given

As Leaders we need to enlist the involvement of our Members to participate and see volunteering as “taking a part” in TBP and “sharing in the benefits.  In this way we can take part in developing future leaders.

To sum it up, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others”  – Mohatma Gandhi.

“quotes” are excerpted from definitions from dictionary.com

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