Strengthening the TBP Value Proposition

This year TBP Corporate has started taking a more active role in making the TBP experience for its members more valuable. The goal is to help the TBP member through education and motivation to become more productive in terms of increasing their business productivity.

Like most referral organizations much of this is accomplished by providing the members a structured environment in a weekly meeting setting that allows the member to promote and teach others members how to become a referral source for their business.

The weekly meeting format has been time tested and proven to be an effective tool in getting referrals but it is only one tool in a very large tool box. No mechanic or carpenter can do the task required of them with only one tool.

In order to strengthen the TBP Value Proposition we must provide the members more tools to put in the tool box.

The most important tool TBP affords its members is stated in its name “Trusted”, without trust we have nothing to offer our members. It starts with the Brand itself that is why we take a proactive role in making sure the meetings are conducted the same, and that the logo is used properly in marketing efforts etc. TBP belongs to chambers and meetup pages and others endeavors that help strengthen our brand as one that can be trusted.

In order for the organization and members to achieve their collective goals, the burden of trust must also extend to the individual. We have relied too heavily in the past on the meeting format to build the trust level. Many members have used the one on one format to help bridge the trust gap, but that bridge will not take the member all the way to the other side.

The “Tool of Trust” must be continuously earned this is where TBP can help by providing a platform built on “MOE” Motivation, Opportunity, and Education.

“MOE” is the very foundation of our weekly meeting format, it is the goal of TBP to enhance the weekly format by providing its members more opportunities to build and nurture the tool of trust.

In the past we have had parties, fund raisers, speed networking, TBP Friends and Families Night at professional sporting events, and a TBP Mexican Cruise. These events not only allowed our members to get to know one another better outside of a business environment but also to get to know the spouses and families as well. In many cases the children and spouses formed bonds as well. These events help to form the bond of trust, and TBP will continue to expand upon these trust building opportunities.

Tonight is the first TBP Combined Leaders Meeting the goal is to educate, motivate and give you the leaders the tools to pass on to your members the opportunity to enhance their TBP experience.

The TBP discussion of opportunity is not complete without addressing membership.

Membership is now, has been and always will be dynamic. The stated goal of TBP to increase the number of Charters and expand outside our local area. TBP will expand the number of Charters as need and or opportunity presents itself. The immediate need is to strengthen the existing Charters. A Charter of 25 to 30 members is more likely to produce referrals than a charter of less than 10 members.

In in course of taking a corporate active role in recruitment we are in the middle of a contest that has seen some early positive results.

However it is important to note:

Membership is a two prong endeavor:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Retention

Too often we are bringing new members through the front door while loosing existing members out the back door. Membership is dynamic but, WE MUST STOP THE BLEEDING whenever possible.

Retention Starts with “The Member Experience”:

 Are your the meetings productive and FUN

  • Was the member properly inducted/orientated
  • Did you get them involved in charter functions/leadership/comities etc.
  • Were they encourage to recruit new members
  • Are they participating in outside opportunities (community/TBP)

TBP Corporate will do everything in its means to increase recruitment like trade shows, advertising, etc., and to help whenever possible to maintain retention by enhancing the member experience, but much of the burden resides at the Charter level. Tonight we will address some ideas to help you, the charter leaders, help your charter prosper and grow.


Bob Hurst

CEO/President, TBP

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