Ari Freeman Cohen, Certified Fitness Trainer

Ari Freeman-Cohen is a certified fitness trainer at 79 CrossFit South in Temecula, CA. Ari is a retired US Army veteran. While serving on Active Duty as a senior Operations Sergeant, one of Ari’s additional duties was that of a U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer. Having provided over 10,000 training hours both private and in group settings; he trained over 4000 Soldiers for worldwide combat operations by ensuring they were physically prepared for the rigors of combat. He has a M.S. in Business Information Management, from Grantham University in Kansas City, Mo, and a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from University of Hartford, in West Hartford, CT., plus he has completed graduate studies at the University of Virginia and University of Massachusetts at Amherst in philosophy, sociology, and political science. He is certified with National Personal Training Institute in San Diego, California, who is partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Well known for his caring personality, but,  tough workouts, Ari’s training philosophy includes intense weight training in cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility and balance. Ari’s goal is to create opportunities for people of any age, race, gender or disability, to change the way they are living and become healthier, happier, stronger, and more confident.


“Stay Strong, Stay Young, Stay Alive, my Friends”