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Are you interested in business networking? Trusted Business Partners builds long-lasting relationships by providing premium networking opportunities to generate qualified business leads for its members.

Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships within each chapter and support one another by networking together. By joining TBP you will become part of our Trusted networking family. We believe in helping each other out and also helping out the communities in which we live. We only accept the highest caliber and most trustworthy professionals into Trusted Business Partners. Walking into a group of strangers, extending your hand and introducing yourself can be daunting for many but we make it enjoyable for all of our members and visitors.

Local Networking Groups

Trusted Business Partners has Chapters throughout SW Riverside County, so no matter where you are, come join us and start growing your professional contacts. Our Chapters only have the most trustworthy and motivated professionals across many industries and they can help you with business referrals in your locale.

TBP has protocols in place to ensure our members help each other with referrals and lead generation. This ensures our members get a return on their investment and actually grow their business. If you’re ready to start growing your business join one of our Chapters today!

Successful Lead Generation

When it comes to developing a successful business over the long term, lead generation is essential. Learning how to build a network of contacts and potential future business prospects can give any business a new lease on life. Keep reading to gain some terrific insights on how the most successful entrepreneurs do just that.

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TBP Now Gives Travel Award Bonuses to New Members and the Members Who Sponsor Them 2019/20 TBP Charter Retention & Recruitment Contest Cheat Sheet How to Be a Guaranteed Vacation GetAway    WINNER: 1. Sponsor a New Member 2. Become a Gold Member 3. Reinstate Old Membership  4. Become a New Member  Want More Way to Win See Contest Rules: Click here:  Getaway 06192019 (Document will download to your computer or device, “open with” from your usual “download”... read more

Kurtis Lau, Dreamtrips

Dreamtrips:  #1 Direct Selling Travel Club in the World, specializing in 4 & 5 Star Vacations at wholesale prices. Member Bio: Kurtis Lau, Dreamtrips Kurtis Lau, has been a member and representative of the #1 in the World Direct Selling Travel Club since February 2012. Our little blue sign, “YOU SHOULD BE HERE”, has gone viral, and has been seen all over the world, on social media and television! Kurtis is dedicated to sharing with people how they can have more FUN, FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT in their lives by traveling on 4 &5 Star vacations at wholesale prices! Committed to honesty, integrity and Christian values, he and his wife, Donna, have lived in Temecula Valley since 2007. He is a substitute teacher, and a member of both Trusted Business Partners and Murrieta Wildomar Chamber of Commerce. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching, officiating baseball and basketball, playing in a men’s baseball league (not softball!), tennis, golf, and working out at the gym. He also enjoys music, playing the violin, worshipping and serving at Crossroads Church... read more

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