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Temecool Computer Repair was founded in 2015 by Dan Stafford.

Dan has a vocational diploma in Aircraft Electronics, and is an Air Force veteran. He served as a telecommunications technician in the long distance industry from August, 1993 through December of 2014. He started in Milwaukee as a field technician covering customer sites over two-thirds of the State of Wisconsin. Dan transferred to Chicago around Christmas of 1997. Dan took over the night shift in Chicago in 1999, and remained Chicago’s night shift technician through 2014. Dan covered fifty telecommunications sites in Chicago, ranging from very large data centers to very small co-location sites, and worked on many kinds of hardware and software.

During Dan’s career in telecommunications, he also learned Windows computers starting with DOS in the mid-1990’s. Dan has built entire machines from parts, and repaired many others for friends and family. When Dan’s son was eleven years old, Dan and his wife Saren bought Dan’s son a computer – in pieces. Dan then walked his son through assembling the computer and installing the operating system, firewall, anti-virus, and other software.

Dan has provided computer and social media mentoring for many friends and family members, as well as a few non-profit organizations.

In 2015, Dan and his wife moved from the Chicago area to Temecula to be near their young granddaughters while they are still little. That required a career change for Dan. This led to Dan founding Temecula Computer Repair.

Dan has an FCC General Radiotelephone Operators’ license (Lifetime) with ship radar endorsement, and many telecommunications certifications. He is continuously studying CompTIA courses to keep up to date in the computer and networking industries.

At Temecool Computer Repair, our mission is to make sure your hardware is in its best possible running condition, and to help you use technology as easily as possible!


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